city dream

March 19, 2008 at 2:57 pm (whises)

My city is most beauty than others, where in there I was born, to grow, studied in there, so to shape my city dream, I will do kinds of activities which it will be change my city to be the best city, my activities  namely:

  1. I will study hard to change my life more important, after success I will learned to all society in my city. With high education, society will more essay to think, and create a work.
  2. Create a good Government. To get it must beginning with a good leader, if the leader is prefect so kinds of staff below will work very well, a good leader are :

         Faithful to the God

         Faithful to the God delegate

         Faithful to the Kalifatullah

         Faithful to the father land

         Faithful to the parents

         Faithful to the old brother

         Faithful to the teacher

         Faithful to the first education goodness

         Lovely to everyone

         To respect to every religions

My wise if society have high education and have religious, so people will have kinds of the matter above. So my city will increase, develop more better than oldest.   



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