Soul Meditation

March 12, 2008 at 5:05 pm (Uncategorized)

Meditation is thinking about something which it was happened in the last time, usually to repair them from bed habit trough to good habit. It is done to create pace, freedom in the soul and heart in the daily life. every people who life in this world have goals namely happiness in the world and living after death to people who have and believe to religious, happiness in the world, we can get kinds of necessaries as primer, secondary, and tarsier. Happiness after the people death, people must have believed to religion namely Muslim, Kristen, Buda, Catholic, and Hindu. All of them trough to the nirvana, living after the human died, the necessaries will be catch by human if they in the daily life with felling pace, safety, and obligate all of rule that it is from God and government. All of problem at above can be solve by Pangestu organization. Pangestu organization is a group soul education in human life which learnt to human how to do good relation between human with God, human with human, and human with nature. This organization has goal to make human can pace and safety in their life. We as human must know what is the goal of human life in this world? And what is the mater which must be done as God creature?

As God creature human must do big obligate which must be done in the daily life, there are:

  1. a wear

A wear is loyal to God. We should conscious that we are a human creature, we have created by God in this world with agreements which must be approved by human and must be done so long life in the world. We must do God’s entire rule which replaced in the five religions namely Muslim, Kristen, Buda, Catholic, and Hindu. Each religion has differentiation in the rule to their follower but have one goal that is happiness, pace in the world, and safety when human came back to God.

After we understood the meaning of a wear above, we must do all of obligate. Without our feel that every time, every day, always nearly to the God, so we will feel safety, pace, in passed daily life. For example the reality in the education a student done all of prohibition and obligatory by teacher, a teacher ask to student to do homework and student able to finish that works on time. In the student heart will feeling safety, beside it teacher will be happy and they will notice all of capability which it have by student, so they will create a good relation between teacher and student.

From illustration at above can be conclusion if we near with God, we will easy to do something, and if we able to Understanding very well the meaning of a wear? Human will enjoy the result, and if do seriously, it will be to feel in the daily life.

  1. Believe

Believed is a strong mater in doing relationship between Human and God, God never help Human if they didn’t believe or not near with them, so believed is a strong mater to doing relation. For example, Human do relation between Human, it didn’t near if they are having believe, with believed will create good relation. The big problem in human life is they less believe to their ability, the power in themselves, if they know in the realty, that themselves is God flash, than God is united with yourself, so no something is difficult to done, we get it with feel believe to ourselves. After we have hard believe at ourselves, we anything will be easy.

  1. Obedience

Obedience is to obey all of God statement. All of your obligatory which it is differently, if concluded is a matter that is intention.

In doing something you must not forget your intention, because all of working and bring prosperity to human life is a God’s task. You do not to hurry up to doing big task, before you success done small task, because big task come from small task. So all of working which on your hand, must doing so perfectly, serious, and naturally serve to God although look very simple.

If you seriously obedience God invitation, never a matter that turn right or life from the best way in daily life although kinds of temptation come in our life, we can solve them easily.

We must have five characteristic and doing them, so we can perfectly do three maters above, there are:


Willing is taking all of our having, right, and the art result to God.

 2.  patient   

patient is the best characteristic which must having by human. all of religious deceive that God love human patient.


the fist object polite is keep promise which have said or still in the heart. People which didn’t keep their promise, they lie themselves.


Tawakal is more toward the pace heart. With having this character human will gaining anything which have be their own.

5.Budi Luhur.


In doing life in daily, we must keep out from bad habitually if you like pace in your life. We must obligate all of God rule, there are:

1. Don’t believe ……….

2. We must control all of liking.

3. Don’t eat foods which can destroy our body.

4. Keep the entire rule.

5. Don’t fighting.



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